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Est. Total Tuition/Fees $6,532
Credits Required 19
Delivery Classroom
Campus Locations 27
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Online courses have a set cost per credit. Online credits are not counted as part of your total credits shown in the university tuition table. Total tuition is based on current rates and tuition rates are subject to change without notice.

Cost Per Credit $0
Total for 19 credits $6,532
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Estimated total tuition is based on current rates and student fees for a Utah resident. Tuition rates subject to change. Some courses may have additional fees.

credits/semester $1,832
Total for 4 semesters $6,532
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Please reference the degree course requirements listed on this page or on the department website and verify with an advisor to determine what courses are needed in order to complete this licensure.

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Courses for this degree take place in classrooms throughout our network of campuses. These courses may be available through Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) which are broadcast to classrooms or courses may take place in the classroom where broadcasts originate. For more information about this and other delivery types, visit our course delivery page.

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Alternative Teacher Preparation - Special Education

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The EC-ATP program delivers coursework leading to Utah licensing in early childhood special education.

Elementary Education, MEd

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Become the kind of educator you want to be. Obtain a master's in elementary education in a program ranked top 10 in the nation to improve your competency as a teacher.

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Professional Education Licensure
Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL)

Turn your dream of becoming a teacher into a reality. The Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) program provides a route for the person who holds a bachelor's degree in a field other than teaching and now aspires to become a teacher.  Get a secondary education master's degree from an education graduate school ranked #24 overall in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, a faster track to a teaching position and credits that count towards a master’s degree.

Benefits of an ARL through USU:

  • A secondary education master's degree from an education graduate school ranked #24 overall in the nation by U.S. News & World Report
  • Faster track to a teaching position
  • Credits that count toward a master’s degree and higher compensation
  • Outstanding job prospects throughout Utah

Begin the steps to becoming a teacher by visiting the Utah State Office of Education website.

More Information on obtaining your ARL through USU.


For Help Getting Started

Please contact the Salt Lake campus at (385) 646-5570.

Kristin Fink
ARL Program Coordinator
Salt Lake City
Phone: (385) 646-7753
Other: (801) 916-2026
Fax: (385) 646-5572

State-Required Pedagogy Requirements

  • SCED 6555: Practicum Improvement in Instruction - *Transition to Teaching
  • SCED 6270: Intro. Methods, Planning, Assessment, and Technology - *Instruction, Technology, Assessment, & Planning
  • TEAL 6100: Motivation and Management in Inclusive Settings - *Creating a Learning Environment
  • TEAL 6340:  Adolescent Literacy Development - *Literacy Strategies
  • TEAL 6770: ESOL Instructional Strategies in Content Area - *Teaching Diverse Populations
  • SPED 4000: Education of Exceptional Individuals - *Introduction to Special Education

* USOE Equivalent

Requirements for MEd

  • SCED 5800: Secondary School Internship (Fall and Spring)
  • TEAL 6010: Critical Issues in Secondary Education
  • TEAL 6410: Social Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 6550: Research for Classroom Teachers
  • TEAL 6900: Independent Study – Portfolio Completion
  • TEAL 6710: Diversity in Education

  8 more elective credits (3 classes)